Learn About Grapevine's Audio Project

Record Your Story
Beginning in mid-January 2013, Grapevine started collecting up to 7-minute stories from the Fellowship in the form of audio recordings.

The recorded stories will go through Grapevine's editorial process just like the stories published in the magazine and online. If your story is accepted, Grapevine will publish it online and/or transcribe it for the magazine or website.

For those interested in participating, we offer some information below to help guide you in this process.

Don't worry though, GV's existing products are still available. Below, you will also find links to the monthly recorded Audio Grapevine and a featured audio book.

Note: Grapevine will not be collecting recordings from speakers at AA meetings.

How to Share Your Story With Us

There are a few different and easy ways you can record your story:



Beginning mid-January 2013:

Recording Tips and Suggested Topics
We've put together some tips to help you think about topics, length of your recording (under 7 minutes), and some general guidelines. Read more.


Listen to Stories by Members

Want to share your experience, strength and hope with the Fellowship as a recorded audio story but are unsure of what to do?

Try listening to these two sample stories:

    Johnny C. from Southaven, Miss.

    Philip C. from Nashville, Tenn.

In the future, these member stories will be available for purchase as a single story or as audio anthologies.

Feature Audio page

The recorded June issue is now available for download.

This month's special section features: Dating in Sobriety Click here


Featured Audio Book

The Language of the Heart

Bill W. was the Grapevine's most prolific contributor, writing more than 150 articles, from his first in June 1944 to his last in December 1970. Here in one volume are all of Bill's Grapevine articles, including his first thoughts about the Traditions, his battles with chronic depression and spiritual pride, memories of an all-night drinking spree with Ebby, and a vivid description of how he came to organize the Steps (there were six in the first draft).

Order from the AA Grapevine Store.