The Carry the Message Project

This project offers ways to sponsor Grapevine and La Viña subscriptions for alcoholics in need. Your help is needed!

There are a few ways to participate in the Carry The Message (CTM) Project.

● If You Know The Recipient

To sponsor a GV or LV subscription for someone you know, either:

a) Call AAGV. Inc’s customer service numbers: 800.631.6025 (US & Canada) or 818.487.2091 (International) to order the subscription.


b) Fill out the Gift Subscription card found inside of each magazine issue and mail the postage paid card in. (Cards with credit card information should be mailed in an envelope)

● If You Don't Know the Recipient

To sponsor a subscription for unknown alcoholics in need; individual members, groups, areas or districts may purchase subscriptions either by:

a) Contacting in the Grapevine office to arrange anonymous sponsorship of a CTM subscription for alcoholics behind bars.


b) Sponsoring a subscription by purchasing a Print Subscription Gift Certificate at and forward your confirmation email to your Area Chair or local   service committee for redemption.


Q: Can a check be sent to the GV Office to sponsor these subscriptions?
A: No. Grapevine cannot accept contributions but if you email the GV Office at, we can help you sponsor as many subscriptions as you’d like.

Q: Can GV make sure that sponsored subscriptions go to my area only?
A: AAGV will do its best, but we may not have a subscription request from your area.