February 2017 Table of Contents

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On the Cover: AA members share stories
of experience about Ninth Step amends.

Making Amends
Lunch with my ex
Though he was full of fear
when she asked to meet him,
he intuitively knew what to do

A coin for Mark
He thought he'd never see hope
in his tragic drinking story. But
luckily through service, he now

Special delivery
He was ready to make amends to
the mail carrier his dog attacked.
But how would he ever find him?

Welcome to the club
A long-forgotten wild night out
becomes an opportunity to finish
his Ninth Step and clear the stage
to help others

War stories
At every bar in town they thought
he was a decorated hero. But once
he got sober, the truth caught up

Swimming with Mom
Drenched in memories, she dove
into the past to make amends to
the woman who never gave up on

Big Sis
Years of pent up hurt and rage at
her brother had gone far enough.
So she prayed and picked up the

Steps and Traditions 
Chubby gods, skinny gods
A newcomer's journey with Step
Two was a mighty voyage, but one
thing for sure, she was willing

It's up to the group
Things may get heated and not go
our way, but we learn to trust the
group conscience

Our Personal Stories
100 quilts
How a drunken grandma put
down the bottle and began to
patch together a warm useful life

Close call in Botswana
After a big move and a lot of
traveling, she let AA slip away.
Then one evening in Africa, an old
visitor arrived

Black belt
This martial arts expert had a
complete grip on everything
around him. Well, almost

Into Action
Backseat driver 
Luckily for this alcoholic,
service turned out to be what  it usually
is—a two-way street

Step work
A sponsee learns it's not about
winning, it's about appreciating the
road he's on

What's On Your Mind?
Give them some time
One member feels we should give
newcomers a chance to figure out
why they're here

People places and soup
After an earlier close call with
liquor, a newcomer orders food
that couldn't possibly get her drunk

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