June 2017 Table of Contents

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On the Cover: Dating in sobriety

The love of my life
After yet another broken heart,
she finally did a Third Step and
found what she was looking for

Table for one
How one member found she
doesn't need a man on her arm or
a drink in her hand to define her

Serial dater
If you wanted to know how to have
a three-month relationship, this
was your guy

Never saw it coming
Once she gave up desperately
trying to find love, that's when it
finally appeared

Gone berserk
Texting constantly, always checking
up on her, multiple visits to her
work place—was this love?

Outside help
She met a guy at a meeting and
the sparks flew. Ready, set, go.
Now there was work to do

Steps andTraditions
Letting go
When a defect arises, she tries to
release it like a balloon and let it
float up to the sky. It feels so much
lighter when it's gone

We can't do it all
Sometimes explaining our
Traditions is easy; sometimes it
takes a little work

Spotless pots.
So why was making coffee the most
important job? This newcomer was
about to find out

Spiritual Awakenings
How a ministry student turned into
an alcoholic bad boy, then found
spirituality in AA

Quiet example
His sponsor never talked about all
the service he did. You just had to
watch him

Our Personal Stories
Blurred ambition
A drunken writer with dreams of
success places two huge bets that
change his life

It could have been me
A horrible tragedy on the day she
got sober reminds a mother when
she too was drunk at the wheel

Close to my heart
The necklace she wore told this
newcomer that someone very
special never gave up

Into Action
Welcome to the fourth dimension
With a mop in one hand and a rag
in the other, she blasted off into
the world of AA service


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