September 2018 Table of Contents

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On the Cover: Young and Sober

Boyish Charm
At 21, his innocent face had only gotten him so far. But this night, standing in the cold, he saw hope

Flying spaghetti monster
At 16, she crashed hard. But her sponsor helped her find some hope and even a Higher Power

Young and full of fear
Today, when I’m at a meeting, I keep an eye out for the person who is all by herself, who leaves too quickly or who just seems scared

Two free hands
Once she put down the bottle, she got super busy with a wonderful new world of young people

Never too young
Most of us in that Young People’s group are still sober today, some since the late 1960s. That group no longer exists, but we do

ICYPAA 60 wonderful years
In 1958, in Niagara Falls, New York, a meeting of young AAs from across the U.S. and Canada started what is now ICYPAA

Off course
A tragic death woke him to his reckless drinking. Now, with some hope, he’s on the right road

It was 10 days before my 24th birthday. People cheerfully greeted me, which felt bizarre. These people could never understand the pain I was in

Let me off this plane!
His drinking caused him to push everyone away, but now he needed them. This was his final boarding call

Steps and Traditions
All clear
Drop by drop, the amends he’s made have turned his murky insides into freedom

What a ride
Since I hadn’t seen my brother in several years, I called him and suggested we spend the day alone together at Disneyland

A sense of service
Without any power or prestige, somehow we seem to get the coffee on and the floors swept

Our Personal Stories
No fly zone
A final drunken trip to “the hole” woke him up. Now he has hope and some to share

The best I can do
A member stays sober through incredible sadness and finds a way to be useful in her grief

Some trusty slogans help a brand-new member clean her messy house

Touched by beautiful souls
A member with 60 years sober recalls the night it all began

A quiet heart
When I got to AA in 1969, words like love, patience and forgiveness were foreign to me. All I wanted to do was quit drinking

Ham eggs and warm hugs
Fond memories of a meeting house full of love and fellowship, right above the carwash

Spiritual Awakenings
Something wonderful overhead
A frightening encounter on a lonely desert road helped her find a little faith

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