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On the Cover: Sober Through Adversity

Life support
When it got tough, she reached out to the rooms and found love and care. It was a Mother’s Day to remember

When misfortune falls
At 26 years sober, a member in Florida finds himself in a homeless shelter. Yet he never forgets his primary purpose

Cursing at God
With her husband dying, she expressed her pain and found a way to greater faith

Through the grief
With service, literature, a good sponsor and lots of prayer, a new father doesn’t drink when tragedy strikes his family

Keep moving
I’ve been sober for 27 years. I recently took early retirement and went on disability. I have difficulty getting to meetings because I have multiple sclerosis (MS). I am in a wheelchair

Peace on the inside
As the hospital helps him with his mental illness, the AA meetings give him hope until one day he can get out

Being there
In 1962, at the age of 25, I called on God for help and a phone call opened up the doors to AA and a new life. With a good sponsor and lots of meetings, I have enjoyed continuous sobriety ever since

23 precious years
After alcoholism takes her son, she finds comfort and acceptance in the first three Steps

Steps and Traditions
Confessions of an evolutionist
Her ability to debate was no match for the bottle. Luckily, when she got to Step Two, she had a new language

What is sanity
Sanity is: 1) The ability to adjust to reality; 2) Seeing things as they really are; and 3) living in harmony with reality 

A word in edgewise
When we’re taking a group conscience, Tradition Two helps us remember to take the time and let God in

Our Personal Stories
Doctor know
If this psychiatrist was so smart about alcoholism, how did he end up in his own detox unit?

Educating Pamela
Once drunk in a pile of ungraded papers, a teacher gets schooled on how to stay sober and get her joy back

Trouble ahead
Her morning prayer was to stay sober. Who knew it would be answered with flashing lights?

What’s On Your Mind?
How I learned to love “To Wives”
He used to roll his eyes and groan. But not anymore

Keeping it safe
The folks insisting on their right to open carry might want to consider the impact on other members, many of them victims of gun violence and abuse

Home Group
Next question
A meeting took him by surprise and gave him a fresh look at his life and a big dose of gratitude

Spiritual Awakenings
A million miles away
After years of drinking and searching for faith, AA helped him break free and find his place in the world 

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