May 2018 Table of Contents

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On the Cover: Our Twelve Steps

Our Twelve Steps: 80 Wonderful Years
Our Steps would have to be more explicit. There must not be a single loop-hole through which the rationalizing alcoholic could wiggle out.

Take the Steps
An old-timer, once known as Shaky Jake, walks us through the program that changed his life

Never too late
It took a little time, but she learned to love her mom, thanks to the wonder of Step Nine

Smooth ride
As an alcoholic, I’m always driving an unsafe vehicle—me. Today, I no longer drive it drunk. I need this program every day

The little voice in my head
The help he got from Steps Six and Seven brought him right back around to Step Two

Nothing held back
An old-timer shares about the freedom the Steps have given him and how he gets to pass them on.

Entirely ready
This spider wasn’t getting in the way. He wasn’t hanging on to resentments. He didn’t want to keep his defects of character.

A father’s wish
Years of drinking had driven his sons away. Now he wanted more than anything to have them back in his life

A day at the beach
I had a real Step One moment. A bottle of chilled vodka caught my eye. I thought, A quick shot, no one would know. The house is empty

Steps and Traditions
A day at the museum
A few days after doing her Fifth Step, a mother takes her kids on a field trip and is pleasantly surprised by a moment of grace

The right place
By sharing their drinking stories in a treatment center, a few women helped another find her way

Our Personal Stories
Memorial Day 180
Summer was finally here and she had big plans to go to the beach. Seems her sponsor had a better idea

Return to Rwanda
With no meetings in his country, he reached out for help. Now he's sharing his hope

Clear Head, grateful heart
A mother recalls the dark days of her drinking and shares gratitude for the program and the beautiful morning sky

Life of the party
Terrified, she opened the door to the Sunset room and heard people laughing. She's been celebrating now for 35 years

Into Action
Mom gets busy
Thanks to her sponsor, she learned that life gets more full, not less, when you get sober

Small town drunk
Rotation is God’s way of keeping me both somewhat humble and dependant on him.
I still don’t have a better pastime than service

Emotional Sobriety
I’m in
An old-timer in New York shares some experience about fitting in and belonging

Home Group
Feels like home
The love she was looking for was there all along, at a funky place by the bar

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Editor’s Letter
Dear Grapevine
At Wit’s End
Alcoholism at large
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