February 2019 Table of Contents


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On the Cover: Old-timers

My place in the world
No longer in the center of the universe, a longtime member in Tasmania is content to sit on the edge and deal with things as they come along

Simple Rules
She came to believe in AA. Now, at 88, she passes it on and keeps it uncomplicated

62 years of showing up
I didn’t plan my recovery this way; it just worked out. Getting sober was the easy part. Staying sober and creating an incredible sober life was a little more difficult

Grave danger
Bored with the same old meeting routine, he had become a “sober fossil.” Time to dust himself off

License to not drink
For my 40th AA birthday, Clem drove more than 500 miles to surprise me and I was honored to present him with a 40 year cake

In a roomful of men
The women were scarce in her neck of Montana, but she got plenty of love nonetheless

Balancing act
On a cold, rainy day, a longtime member gets a powerful lesson about letting go

In silent wonderment
He hoped his anniversary would pass by unnoticed, but he was in for a surprise

Steps and Traditions
Many powers greater than me
Although she’s unsure, she just keeps praying. Something seems to be working

Can I help you?
God had given me signs all my life. I just chose to ignore them. One day, as I walked through the door of my liquor store, a bell went off

Having our say
After their treasury went missing, a group had to hold a vote. Luckily, they’d just had an inventory

Our Personal Stories
Deep dive
A dad struggles to stay sober for months at sea, but surfaces for some lucky surprises

All are welcome
How a barn that love built became the go-to place for meetings, picnics, campouts and joy

Out of chaos
For years she controlled everyone else, until alcohol snuck up on her

Early warning
I couldn’t drink the whole glass so I poured the excess into a potted plant. In the morning, the plant was dead. It was an ominous warning

I need to get to my home group
When it came to chairing her Wednesday meeting, she took the road of “any lengths”

Staying put
Unless there’s a good reason, I need to be at my meeting rather than off doing something else I find more enjoyable

What’s on Your Mind?
Business is not a bad word

One member says that anything less than good business practice in AA is just untreated alcoholism

Finding my lane
How learning to ask for help on a sober bowling team helped him find a Higher Power

Practice practice practice
I looked at him from my lofty perch of several years of sobriety and asked, “Say, you seem to have a good grasp of what goes on in AA. How long have you been sober?”

Lucky fingers
In her darkest hour, she walked a digital path until she found a woman named Debbie

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