June 2019 Table of Contents


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On the Cover: Letting Go of Resentments

Crash course
Furious with her ex, she headed out to toss a brick through his window. Luckily, she stopped to buy paint first

No longer a victim
With a little prayer and Step work, she learned to let go of the anger she had about her ex

When he heard that you couldn’t feel grateful and resentful at the same time, he grabbed his pencil and pad

The need to be right
He tried all the tools he could think of to end a huge resentment toward his wife except one

Growing up
Another Fourth Step helps a dad let go of a long-time resentment toward his son

A prayer at 10,000 feet helps her get back on the right footing

Steps and Traditions
More being revealed
As the summer leaves fall, a member reflects on the change that comes with sunshine

High and dry

I don’t work here
While taking meetings into a hospital detox, a member finds it’s important to say that he’s just another drunk

Our Personal Stories
Totally empty
After that final bottle of scotch, she made the call to end the pain

Backyard Bowery
As a boy, he’d seen men drunk on the street and wondered how they got there. Well, he found out

Soft landing
A one-chip wonder says she’s grateful she made it here and that her sweet sober life makes her stay

Southern Hospitality
In spite of my endless sharing, weird sense of humor, and irritating personality, I was happily welcomed

Emotional Sobriety
Balancing act
An old-timer remembers to watch his impulses and stay on the sober path—no matter what

So what is AAWS?
A trustee helps explain what one of our three corporations does and how it serves the Fellowship

Home Group
Home sweet home
The meeting her dad once attended became the place that she could call home

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At Wit’s End
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